Lakeview Drive

  • front elevation - before
  • front elevation - completed
  • master bedroom
  • rear elevation
  • kitchen
  • front elevation
  • dining room
  • eat-in kitchen
  • cornice detail
  • guest bedroom

Project Type: Remodel & Addition
Location: Mount Pleasant, SC
Square Footage: 4,236
Builder: J.W. Murphey Builders

The Pieces

  1. 1Custom renovation and addition as owner’s "last house"
  2. 2New Kitchen, Family Room, Man Cave and Garage
  3. 3Transformation of exterior elevations

The Story

Our challenge was to renovate an existing home, adding much needed space to existing rooms and providing a home work environment which would be conducive to productivity. Every space in the home was modified and most saw their function change during the project. New lighting, mechanical systems and landscaping along with a complete facelift on the exterior give this project a new home feel!

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