Johnson Road

  • front elevation - before
  • front elevation - completed
  • home office
  • kitchen
  • rear elevation
  • family room
  • stair hall
  • dining room
  • master bedroom
  • master bathroom

Project Type: Remodel & Addition
Location: Charleston, SC
Square Footage: 4,491

The Pieces

  1. 1New Master Suite wing
  2. 2Higher, open spaces in public rooms
  3. 3Embrace views of the exterior

The Story

This existing home in the Crescent neighborhood of West Ashley had room sizes typical of 1950's houses. Our focus was to create larger rooms while utilizing as much of the existing home as possible. Additions to the side and rear of the home provided some of this space, while other rooms were expanded within the existing home or saw their use change (i.e. the living room became the dining room). Increased ceiling height in many of the new spaces is a noted improvement along with opening up the existing front entry to be a two story space.

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