Grand Pavilion Boulevard

  • sun room
  • family room
  • family room
  • stair hall
  • kitchen
  • kitchen
  • master bathroom
  • master bathroom
  • dining room
Photography by Holger Obenaus

Project Type: Remodel
Location: Isle of Palms, SC
Square Footage: 2,318
Builder: Renaissance South Construction Co.

The Pieces

  1. 1Beach Vacation Home
  2. 2New Sun Room
  3. 3Replaced Finishes

The Story

This project began as a small renovation project involving the kitchen and bathrooms. The project scope grew to include enclosing an existing screen porch and, due to the discovery of extensive wood rot, replacing all of the exterior finishes (including the roofing, siding, trim, and windows). Since the bulk of the interior work was performed on existing rooms, most of the spaces were largely in place already. By introducing upgraded interior finishes (such as wood shiplap and quartz countertops), this home transformed from an ordinary house at the beach to an extraordinary beach home

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