24th Avenue

  • kitchen
  • sitting room
  • master bedroom
  • screen porch
  • guest bedroom
  • front elevation
  • rear porch
  • dining room
  • bathroom
  • built in desk

Project Type: Remodel
Location: Isle of Palms
Square Footage: 1,943
Builder: Commonwealth Construction

The Pieces

  1. 1Practical, Livable Space near the Beach
  2. 2New Covered Entry Stoop and Split-Stair
  3. 3Expansive Decking and Porches

The Story

We were able to transform an existing house into a beautiful beach cottage with one very small addition-adding just 23 square feet of interior space to the home. Working with the client, we repurposed existing spaces; renovated, expanded and combined rooms; and simply cleaned up other areas with lighter colors and better lighting. We also addressed exterior needs, such as increasing the curb appeal of the house with an inviting new entry stair and covered stoop and also greatly expanding the deck overlooking the backyard.

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