Excerpts from Home Show presentation, part 2

This past weekend, I was invited to present at the Charleston Home + Design Show on “Charleston HOUZZ Worthy Homes”.  I focused this presentation on trends in three areas of the home that are typically high on a homeowners list.  Kitchens, Bathrooms and Storage.  For this second excerpt, I’ll focus on the Storage.

Most people tend to think of storage as closets and this isn’t wrong.  But, it also is not comprehensive – storage can and should be so much more than simply closets.  Here is a brief list of other storage items found in homes:

  • Food Pantries.
  • Built-in cabinetry and shelves – these are often found in a home office/study and mud room

    built-in bookshelves and cabinetry

    Home Library

  • Entertainment centers and Audio/Visual cabinets in family rooms – these are great places to hide equipment, cables, gaming systems, extra blankets or pillows.
  • Entire rooms can be dedicated to storage and may even be concealed with non-traditional doors.

    hidden door

    “Hidden” craft room

  • Kitchen storage may be more than simply having base and wall cabinets: built-in bookshelves for cookbooks, under counter space for stools, or glass display cabinets are three common examples.
  • Specialized closets for dedicated use – a child’s art closet, your quilting collection, etc.

    storage_art closet

    Art Closet

  • Rooms built into roof systems often have opportunities to utilize eave storage.

There are several good companies that focus on optimizing closets with organizer systems.  As I’ve shown above, storage can be found in many places other than just closets.  This can be particularly important if you’re renovating your home as you may not have the physical room needed for optimal closet space.

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