Portfolio Update – Grand Pavilion Blvd

slide2We are excited to share with you a new project in our portfolio! The remodel of a home on Grand Pavilion Blvd. was completed in 2015 and we recently received the pictures from the photographer.

As you will see on our portfolio page, this project started as a simple renovation to enclose an existing screen porch. As I worked with the owners and they saw the potential of their home, we decided to expand the scope of the project. We ended up also renovating the outdated kitchen and bathrooms in addition to enclosing the porch.

After working with the clients, we saw an opportunity for increasing energy efficiency by upgrading the exterior windows. We also replaced the aging cedar siding with cement board siding, which dramatically increased the curb appeal of the home.

TMD Architects is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with these clients on this project and appreciate the chance to be a part of the process.


Almost to Canada

I was recently invited to visit the manufacturing facility for Marvin Windows and Doors in Warroad, Minnesota.  While also a nice opportunity to get out of the office, the purpose of this trip was to learn more about the window manufacturing process.  Over the past few years, building codes have placed increasing restrictions on windows and exterior doors – particularly units in a coastal environment.   One of the more interesting things I learned on this trip involved how Marvin Windows has evolved their products to meet the more stringent design pressure requirements through subtle design changes that most consumers would never notice.

I would have loved to see them performing a ‘missile test’ on one of their products in person, but here is a demonstration video that is fascinating to watch: Marvin Windows – missile testing


At TMD Architects, we have a passion for both architecture and people. We hope that you will consider us for your architecture project in the Charleston, South Carolina area.

Impact Rated Glass

TMD Architects is a proud member of the local Custom Residential Architecture Network. As the name implies, the CRAN Knowledge Community, as AIA calls it, develops knowledge and information to benefit architects who are engaged in custom residential practice.

Tonight I attended our local CRAN meeting where we discussed and learned about Impact Rated Glass. I was a little surprised to learn that there are actually two different kinds of impact rated glass. One is significantly more expensive, but with that expense, there is a significant higher quality associated with the product.

In general, impact glass is mostly used in full exposure application, for instance at the beach with full ocean exposure. However, this product can be used anywhere there is a risk of hurricane damage.

We have not always suggested that our clients use impact glass because of the high cost associated with the product. But, as with all products, there is a distinct purpose to it and it is certainly beneficial in the right application. In the Charleston area, you will see this product used with increasing frequency due to recent changes in building code.

Be sure to talk to your architect about this product and see if this is an option for your home.