Excerpts from Home Show presentation, part 1

This past weekend, I was invited to present at the Charleston Home + Design Show on “Charleston HOUZZ Worthy Homes”.  I focused this presentation on trends in three areas of the home that are typically high on a homeowners list.  Kitchens, Bathrooms and Storage.  For this first excerpt, I’ll focus on the Kitchens.

Grand Pavilion Blvd - kitchen

Kitchen Remodel

Kitchens are often the social center of the home.  We do many things in the kitchen other than simply cook – we eat, we socialize, we do homework, we pay the bills… The list could go on, but the point is the kitchen is extremely important for many reasons, including the preparation of food.  With that in mind, here are some important features that many people are looking for in today’s kitchens:

  • Spacious aisles, with enough room for multiple persons to maneuver around each other
  • Eating/seating area – this should be outside of the work zone (or work triangle) of the kitchen
  • Open communication to adjacent rooms – people don’t want to be isolated if they are working in the kitchen.  They want to be able to interact with what is happening nearby.
  • Lighting is incredibly important.  Natural light is wonderful and should be incorporated as much as possible.  But, artificial light is at least as important in order to provide optimal task lighting at the work surfaces at all times of the day or night.
  • Clean or open countertops – people want as much work surface available as is possible.  A lot of countertop appliances are being housed in cabinets to keep the work surfaces open.  With the increased popularity of microwave drawers, these appliances are also becoming more often located in the base cabinets.

Portfolio Update – Grand Pavilion Blvd

slide2We are excited to share with you a new project in our portfolio! The remodel of a home on Grand Pavilion Blvd. was completed in 2015 and we recently received the pictures from the photographer.

As you will see on our portfolio page, this project started as a simple renovation to enclose an existing screen porch. As I worked with the owners and they saw the potential of their home, we decided to expand the scope of the project. We ended up also renovating the outdated kitchen and bathrooms in addition to enclosing the porch.

After working with the clients, we saw an opportunity for increasing energy efficiency by upgrading the exterior windows. We also replaced the aging cedar siding with cement board siding, which dramatically increased the curb appeal of the home.

TMD Architects is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with these clients on this project and appreciate the chance to be a part of the process.


Custom Living: Kitchen Drawer Divider

With TMD Architects projects keeping us busy this summer, we haven’t had as much time to work on many “custom living” projects around the house. However, one project we did sneak in before the end of Summer was our kitchen drawer divider.

First, you must know that whenever you give an architect an idea for a project, Auto-cad will no doubt be involved. (check out the drawing below)



The key for this drawer was to utilize all the space of the large drawer; we also wanted to find a way to have knives off the counter and in the drawer as well. It was determined that with a split level on one side we could manage to put all of our knives, silverware, and “miscellaneous” items all in the drawer.

photo (1)

It is amazing how just a little more storage can make such a big impact – especially in the kitchen!



Our First Project

As we celebrate our anniversary and reminisce over the past four years, it is difficult to not look back to our very first project as TMD Architects. It was almost serendipitous that we got connected with our Lakeview clients as they were beginning to look for an architect to help with a renovation of their home in The Groves neighborhood of Mt Pleasant.

After just the first meeting, I realized that this was going to be a complex renovation. One challenge we faced was to add onto the home and increase the ceiling heights, while maintaining the existing main roofline. We overcame the ceiling height issues with a variety of design elements, including the dormers and the stair tower. It was our goal throughout the project to solve the clients’ needs and to also preserve as much of the existing home as possible. I’ll never forget the excitement during one of our design meetings when it was determined that by the room rearrangement we were proposing, the house would include what was declared to be “a dream kitchen” – spacious, full of light, and with a large island.

Lakeview Kitchen

It doesn’t take an architect to know that the kitchen is the heart of the home. This is the area where people come together for family dinners or congregate during parties. To this day, the Lakeview kitchen is a favorite “show piece” for TMD Architects. And, it means even more to us knowing that it was exactly what the client wanted.