A house with 2 front doors

Typically, a house has a main door somewhere on the front facade (or elevation, as architects call them).  In most cases, this elevation faces the nearby road.  There are exceptions to this, however.  One exception of particular note is when a home has a significant natural feature on or adjacent to the property.  drayton hallFor instance, the historic plantation home Drayton Hall was constructed with two front elevations.  One faced the Ashley River and the other faced the main road.  Many believe that the river-facing elevation was considered to be the primary front of the home as the river was the more preferred mode of transportation in the 1750’s.

Drayton Hall

Few people today utilize water features as essential means of transport.  However, homes adjacent to bodies of water can present design opportunities to create a home with two fronts: a street front and a water front.  In the Charleston area, we often work with properties which face both a road and water.  If you are a water front property owner, we would love to help you design your home (no matter which side you consider to be the primary elevation!)

Custom Living: Back Porch Table

Being married to an architect has many perks. But, recently, I have enjoyed his talent in designing “shabby chic” or “upcycled” furniture for our home. I tend to come up with grand ideas, but am not positive quite how to implement them. That is where Trevor comes in and helps create a plan (and often times a set of AutoCAD drawings!)

It has probably been a year now since we found 2 doors on the curb in front of our neighbor’s home. Since we were fairly new to the neighborhood at that time, we thought it would at least be polite to ask before trying to sneak (as best as possible) the doors from their garbage. We were lucky enough to catch our neighbors in the yard and we inquired about the future of the doors. We shared with the gentleman that we wanted to make a table for our porch out and the doors looked to be perfect for the project. He laughed and informed us that his wife had the same plan 5 years ago and it never happened. What he didn’t know was that my sweet architect husband had already been working on plans for me and were beyond ready to create a nook on our back porch for hosting!

Here are a couple of pictures of the project and the final product.

Porch Table Construction Porch Table Final