New Garage with Apartment suite (ADU)

I wanted to share a couple of images of a recently photographed project of ours.  This structure is locally called an “ADU”.  Not to be confused with the ACU (Army Combat Uniform), a garage with an apartment above is known as an Accessory Dwelling Unit.  This particular project features a 2 bay garage at the ground level and a studio apartment on the upper level.

garage_gambrel roof

garage-gambrel roof

This ADU features a gambrel roof with dormers on either side.  The canopy of a large live oak tree covers one side of the structure as it was tucked back into the corner of the lot facing both a rear and a side alleyway.  The gambrel roof shape allowed us to maintain additional space inside the apartment while still pulling away from this grand tree at the midpoint of the roof.

garage_live oak tree

garage-live oak tree

Excerpts from Home Show presentation, part 3

This past weekend, I was invited to present at the Charleston Home + Design Show on “Charleston HOUZZ Worthy Homes”.  I focused this presentation on trends in three areas of the home that are typically high on a homeowners list.  Kitchens, Bathrooms and Storage.  For this third excerpt, I’ll focus on the Bathrooms.

Bathrooms are some of the most personal spaces found in a home.  Some bathrooms and fairly private, in the case of “en suite” bathrooms (Master Bathrooms), which some bathrooms are very public, for powder rooms and even some hallway-accessed bathrooms.  Here are a few bathroom trends that I have noticed recently:

  • Aging in place implements – these include grab bars (which may be used as towel bars until needed), zero threshold showers and doorways with enough clearance (which could allow for a person in a chair to be wheeled in.)

    grab bars @ bathtub & shower

    Grab bars in bathroom

  • Large mirrors to increase the visual size of smaller bathrooms.
  • Independent showers with frameless glass doors.  A house should have at least one bathtub but many master bathrooms are omitting the bathtub.

    Zero Threshold Shower

    Zero Threshold Shower

  • Toilet closets.
  • Private, but shared bathrooms between adjacent bedrooms.

Bathrooms are increasingly important to homeowners, both in the quality of the finishes, but also in the quantity of bathrooms in the home.