What’s on the Architect’s desk? 01 September 2016

I am in the middle of working on a Zoning Study for an ocean front lot.  Our most immediate concern with this property is regarding the flood zone.  Most properties in this area are in some sort of a flood zone and those along the coast (as is logical) tend to be in more restrictive flood zones.  This particular property is in a V zone, which indicates that in a hurricane or other flood event, there could be waves in excess of 3′ rolling across the property (these 3′ waves would be in addition to the concurrent flooding).  So, for good reason, we need to ensure this project is safely above the projected flood level.

While the flood zones are determined at the federal level by FEMA, the application of the FEMA guidelines is performed at the local level by each jurisdiction.  In this case, we are working with the local County to determine the parameters within which we can design.