What’s on the Architect’s desk? 03 August 2016

Today, I have several piles on my desk related to getting approvals for a new home that we’re designing in Beresford Hall (on Daniel Island).  Earlier this year, we received preliminary approval from the neighborhood for our conceptual design.  The paperwork that I have on one side of my desk is the application for the final neighborhood review.  This particular neighborhood review process is more involved than many other neighborhoods, so I do have some work to do to ensure that we have all of the information that they have requested.  They also require a thorough set architectural drawings, which we have ready to submit as soon as the drawings from the Landscape Architect arrive.

The neighborhood does not require us to submit structural drawings.  But, I also have a final draft of those drawings on the other side of my desk for review.  After we secure the neighborhood approval, we will need the structural drawings in order to submit for our building permit from the City of Charleston.  Many neighborhoods in the Charleston area have similar layers of approvals which must be navigated in order to begin construction.