5 Architectural Trends of 2014

A few weeks ago, we came across a great article on MSN highlighting five architectural trends of 2014. According to Amy Albert, editor of Custom Home Online, these are the five home-design elements she expects to see more of in 2014.

1. Tranquility
2. Mission Control
3. Traditional Design
4. Passive Homes
5. Flex Rooms

While these 5 elements certainly can be considered new trends, we simply see these as the outcome of utilizing an architect in the building process.

At TMD Architects, we pride ourselves in being our client’s advocate and partner throughout the entire creative process. We have learned that our clients typically have an idea of want they want, (haven’t you noticed that guests seem to always congregate in the kitchen) or at least what they like. It’s our goal to make your dream a reality.


At TMD Architects, we have a passion for both architecture and people. We hope that you will consider us for your architecture project in the Charleston, South Carolina area.