TMD Christmas letter

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Christmas is one of our families’ favorite times of year and writing our family Christmas letter ranks right up there as a very favorite of the Season. So, this year, we wanted to share our updates with you, our TMD Architects family, as well.
I have to confess, though, that this Christmas season I had a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit – which made it nearly impossible to compose our letter. Then, one Sunday, I took an extra minute to read the Advent description in our church’s bulletin. It was a perfect reminder for me to look beyond all of the simple joys that I love about the season (such as Christmas lights, hot chocolate, carols, etc.) and that there will be time enough for running, for rushing, for worrying, for pushing. For now, I should stay, sit, linger, ponder, wait, behold, and wonder…something is on the horizon: JOY, HOPE, PEACE, and LOVE is on the way! It was the perfect motivation I needed to start writing.
2013 has no doubt been a wonderful, adventurous, and sweet year for TMD Architects and our family. Looking back over the year, I think it will be remembered as the year:

  • we made a last minute trip to Miami to watch Notre Dame play in the BCS National Championship game
  • TMD Architects was highlighted in the Summer 2013 Charleston Home + Design Magazine’s Architect Gallery of Custom Homes (more on this later, I promise!)
  • we painted our home, built a joggling board, and fixed our porch roof (with the help of our friend Mark, who drove all the way from Grand Rapids, Michigan)
  • TMD Architects started a project on historic King’s Highway – a log cabin!
  • TMD Architects sponsored Water Missions International’s Walk for Water
  • we flew to Detroit for 2 days to celebrate Trevor’s sister’s birthday with his family and watched a Detroit Tigers win (my first game at Tiger Stadium)
  • TMD Architects started a new project on the Intracoastal Waterway
  • we took Megan’s brother and sister-in-law to their first football game at Notre Dame stadium (and somehow ended up losing a ticket before the game, but we all got in OK, don’t worry)
  • we were prayed for and loved by friends and family beyond anything we could have imagined.

We continued to be humbled by all the people God brings into our lives – our family, our friends, and our clients. Many of you have walked beside us, made us stronger, shared laughter, created a memory, made us smile, and helped make us who we are today. And for that, we are grateful!
We wish you and your families the merriest of Christmas-es! And a New Year filled with JOY, HOPE, PEACE, and LOVE.