Official Launch!

Welcome to the shiny new TMD Architects blog!  We’ve been working on this project since the beginning of the year and we are so excited to announce the public launch TODAY! You can learn more about the blog here or simply peruse the posts at your leisure. 

Of course, we hope you will continue to follow us here as we highlight different aspects of our projects and other updates. 

And, as we like to say in the South, we hope “Ya’ll Come Back!”



Designing from afar

Over the past few months, I have had the privilege of working with a close friend of mine to help design their new home. Mark and his family live in Grand Rapids, MI and are building a new craftsman style home on the same street where Mark grew up.

While we are nearly 1,000 miles apart, the architecture process is similar as to if they lived next door. Mark and Melissa sent me a few ideas of what they liked and shared with me a couple of pictures what they had in mind. This was the perfect starting point and allowed me to begin sketching a handful of ideas. After one or two (ahem…) emails and phone calls, I was able to provide them with initial drawings in order to get their feedback… what they liked and what they did not like.

There is no doubt that every client is different with not only different desires and ideas, but completely different needs. With two young children, Mark and Melissa wanted an open floor plan. We were able to design an open living area as well as a spacious kitchen. The best was when Melissa shared that she was most excited about being, “very ready to have MY home.”

I always love the opportunity to help a family create their perfect home, but there is something even more special to be able to work with a friend. We’ve so enjoyed the pictures Mark and Melissa have shared of their progress (like the one below), and we are already looking forward to traveling to Michigan in December to spend time with this sweet family in their new home designed by TMD Architects!