Decisions, Decisions

My brother is an emergency room physician and he told us once that it was good for him to get sick every so often to remind him what his patients are going through. After undergoing a few minor home improvement projects, we feel the same way! But for us, it is the reminder of how difficult decisions can be when it comes to your home.

We recently painted the exterior of our house. Not only did we have to decide on the exterior color, but we then had to decide on the porch stain and shutter color. We seemed to do just fine with the first two decisions (although it took us a while to settle on Elizabeth Lane Blue), but the shutter color had us stumped.

We spent many a night walking the neighborhood looking at the paint/shutter colors of our neighbors, looking through magazines and pursuing our Sherwin Williams color wheel. What we had looked great, but I wanted more of a country beach look. Trevor suggested we use the trim color, which seemed like a good idea, but we weren’t sure that was exactly what we wanted. Finally we settled on a color between the trim and the base of the house. It all turned out great, but my favorite part is our yellow back door!