Impact Rated Glass

TMD Architects is a proud member of the local Custom Residential Architecture Network. As the name implies, the CRAN Knowledge Community, as AIA calls it, develops knowledge and information to benefit architects who are engaged in custom residential practice.

Tonight I attended our local CRAN meeting where we discussed and learned about Impact Rated Glass. I was a little surprised to learn that there are actually two different kinds of impact rated glass. One is significantly more expensive, but with that expense, there is a significant higher quality associated with the product.

In general, impact glass is mostly used in full exposure application, for instance at the beach with full ocean exposure. However, this product can be used anywhere there is a risk of hurricane damage.

We have not always suggested that our clients use impact glass because of the high cost associated with the product. But, as with all products, there is a distinct purpose to it and it is certainly beneficial in the right application. In the Charleston area, you will see this product used with increasing frequency due to recent changes in building code.

Be sure to talk to your architect about this product and see if this is an option for your home.