Walk for Water

Friday, March 22 was World Water Day and this past weekend was Water Missions International’s (WMI) 7th annual Walk for Water in downtown Charleston. WMI is a local nonprofit Christian engineering ministry which provides long-lasting safe water and sanitation solutions for people in developing countries and disaster areas. For the past four years we have personally volunteered with this wonderful organization and TMD Architects has had the distinct privilege of being a corporate sponsor of their annual Walk for Water for the past two years.

TMD Sponsors Walk for Water

TMD Sponsors Walk for Water

We have been drawn to WMI because as a Christian engineering ministry they are representative of our core values and passion. Their mission is simple, transform lives through sustainable safe water solutions.

Every day, close to 1 billion people wake up to another day without safe drinking water. This crisis steals the lives of 5,500 people each day – more than war, natural disasters, AIDS or hunger. This crisis rarely makes the headlines. It is today’s silent killer.

There are lots of things we can do each day in our homes to help conserve water (which, as a side benefit will also save you money).  Visit the H2Ouse to learn of ways to reduce water usage in every room of your home.